The refurbished Community Hall at St. Athanasios is now open for bookings

view of the large hall

View of the large hall

The Community Hall was recently refurbished and modernised, in part with a generous grant from Cambridge City Council, for which we are grateful. The building has been brought up to a modern standard, with LED lighting as well as plenty of natural light, a new floor, new chairs and tables, baby changing and disabled facilities, and is compliant with all current building regulations.

photo of the way that the two halls are partitioned

Partitioning the two halls

photo of the disabled and baby changing toilets

Baby changing and disabled facilities

The Hall is divided into the Small Hall and the Large Hall using a moveable soundproof partition. The two Halls can be used simultaneously for different purposes and each has its own entrance. The partition can also be folded back to make the two areas into the Combined Hall.

The cookers and food preparation area

The cookers, food warmer and food preparation area

The sinks

Washing up facilities

photo showing the serving window from the kitchen

Kitchen service window

A newly fitted kitchen consists of two cookers, a food warmer cabinet, two sinks, fridge, dishwasher and plenty of food preparation area. The kitchen is connected to the Small Hall via a shuttered service window.

photo showing the parking provision

Parking facilities

The Combined Hall has a maximum capacity of 200 (for insurance reasons) and it will comfortably accommodate 120 seated banquet-style while still leaving enough room for a dance floor.

There is also off-street parking for around 15 cars, but please note this is not available before 6pm on Saturdays or 4pm on Sundays.

The premises have a WiFi Internet connection available for the use of hirers and guests.

The Hall is now available for hire. There are three different price tiers depending on the use. You will be able to hire the Small Hall, the Large Hall or the Combined Hall.

The introductory hourly rates are as follows:

Introductory Rate Small Hall
5.6m × 6.8m
Large Hall
11.3m × 6.8m
Combined Hall
17m × 6.8m
Business & Social £30.00 £39.50 £59.50 £10.00
Classes & Organisations (incl. Charities) £25.00 £27.50 £38.50
Local Community £15.00 £18.00 £25.00

The Rate categories are explained below:

Rate Explanatory notes
Business & Social Groups, organizations or individuals making a profit from the booking:
  • Usually the organizers will be paid or self-employed
  • Examples may include slimming clubs, sales, some fitness activities etc.
This rate also includes socials such as weddings, Christenings and parties.
Classes & Organisations (including Charities) Groups, organizations or individuals making a small profit from the booking:
  • Examples may include classes and activities that charge participants but minimal profit is made. Assessments need to be made on income generated from bookings by the hirer.
  • All other non-commercial organisations and charities where the majority of members live outside the local area (defined below).
Local Community
  • Local community groups where the majority (75% or more) of their members live inside the local area, which is defined as residents in the Coleridge and Queen Edith's wards.

Booking information

The Hall decorated for a Christening party

The Hall decorated for a Christening party

Before requesting a booking, please see the following documents:

To request a booking please email a completed booking form to

A web-based booking request system will be coming soon.